As a collection agency, we are unique in our business approach because we provide customized services that are designed to fit the specific needs and requests of each client. Having a team of dedicated representatives who specialize in the various industries that we serve is not only the key component of our success, this strategy enables us to consistently exceed industry recovery averages. Our collection efforts yield a greater netback for our clients than that of companies who take a nonspecific approach to collections.

Consumer Collections

Our consumer collectors undergo thorough training in all applicable state and federal laws including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We utilize dynamic and comprehensive skiptracing tools and techniques in order to ascertain location and contact information. We take the initiative to educate consumers about the importance of maintaining the highest credit score possible and how collection items, including the resolution of them, can impact their score. It is our objective to reach an amicable resolution with all consumers, and to treat them with dignity and respect. Our Quality Assurance Department ensures that all consumer contact is in compliance and professional.


Commercial Collections

We utilize a variety of tactics for the successful collection of commercial accounts. Our highly trained teams are experienced with the intricacies and challenges of commercial collections, and are therefore strategic about leveraging collection efforts. As experts in documentation, our staff has a thorough understanding of the Uniform Commercial Code because of their continuing education in the IACC Certified Commercial Collector Program. In addition, our team is knowledgeable of the comprehensive statutes of business laws designed to achieve uniformity  amongst the states concerning the sale of goods, their transportation and delivery, financing, storage, payments and other various commercial transactions.

Residential Collections

Collectors in our Multi-Family Residential Division specialize in property management collections, and are extremely adept at breaking down contracts and explaining the ramifications of violating written agreements. This is vital in property management collections, as a whole host of charges can apply including outstanding rent, late charges, early lease termination fees, concession charge-backs, reletting fees, cleaning costs, eviction charges, amounts for damages, legal fees and unpaid utilities. Furthermore, we report delinquent accounts to the major credit bureaus in a timely manner in order to preclude the debtor from easily being able to lease another apartment or purchase a home.


Through our affiliations with various groups such as The Commercial Law League of America, The General Bar and The Commercial Bar, we have access to a nationwide network of attorneys who specialize in consumer and/or commercial collections and litigation. Prior to recommending litigation, we complete an asset and liability investigation, as applicable, in order to determine whether the debtor is a viable entity in which to pursue litigation. At the client's request, we forward accounts to our affiliate attorneys on a contingency basis, with the client only paying the up-front court costs and processing fees. Once an account is forwarded, we act as the liaison between the attorney and our client, and we keep the client apprised as to the disposition of the account.


Our thorough training on NSF recovery includes awareness of bad check laws in the various states. With limited information provided by the client, we draw upon our powerful and vast skiptracing resources in order to identify the proper party and to acquire location information. Upon speaking with the debtor, we inform them of the possible ramifications of not making proper restitution of the check, including in some cases, processing the bad check with the district attorney in their area as applicable. We collect the amount of the bad check in addition to any applicable statutory penalties and fees. Additionally, at the request of our client, we can facilitate credit reporting of the insufficient funds check to the national credit bureaus.

Medical and Dental

We establish acceptable repayment terms which promote the most prompt liquidation and ensure patient/provider relationships remain intact and patients feel confident about returning for medical care once the debt is resolved. Our security and confidentiality policies related to HIPPA compliance is an essential part of the collections process and experience.